Y-patterned Moray, Gymnothorax berndti Snyder 1904

Other Names: Berndt's Eel, Berndt's Moray Eel

A Y-patterned Moray, Gymnothorax berndti, from the Kermadec Ridge, New Zealand, depth 278 m. Source: After Fig. 6, in McCosker & Stewart (2006) Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 36(2): 83-95. License: All rights reserved

A large stout pale grey to pale tan moray with fine dark brown lines and reticulations, overlain with 29-35 irregular narrow dark brownish bars, wider dark bars and a white posterior margin on the dorsal fin, a broad irregular dark brown basal stripe and a conspicuous white margin on the anal fin, and dark speckling inside the mouth.

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Y-patterned Moray, Gymnothorax berndti Snyder 1904

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Off Rowley Shoals, Western Australia, and south of Myrmidon Reef, Queensland. Elsewhere the species is widespread in tropical, Indo-west-central Pacific: Maldives, Mauritius, Japan, Taiwan, Western Australia, New Caledonia, the northern Kermadec Ridge, New Zealand, east to Hawaii. 
Inhabits deep reefs, preferring rocky and sponge areas.


Depth behind gill opening 11-14 in TL; tail 1.8-2.0 in TL; head long, elevated behind eye, 6.6-7.3 in TL; eye small, above mid-jaw, 10-13 in HL; anterior nostril in a long tube; origin of dorsal fin midway between gill opening and snout tip. Teeth large and uniserial, well-spaced, not serrated; outer maxillary teeth slightly larger than those of inner row; median fangs depressible; 10-16 maxillary teeth; 8-10 vomerine teeth; 16-24 on dentary. Total vertebrae 134-139.


The species is named in honour of Mr. Louis Berndt, superintendent of the Honolulu fish market, the “efficient inspector of fisheries in Honolulu”.

Species Citation

Gymnothorax berndti Snyder 1904, Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. 22 [1902]: 518, Pl. 4 (fig. 8). Type locality: Hololulu market, Oahu Island, Hawaiian Islands.


Bray, D.J. 2020


Atlas of Living Australia

Y-patterned Moray, Gymnothorax berndti Snyder 1904


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Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:30-303 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:97 cm TL

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