Austral Longfin Gurnard, Lepidotrigla cf japonica

An undescribed gurnard with a reddish caudal fin with a broad pale band anteriorly and a narrow pink marginal band. The inner surface of the pectoral fin is yellowish-green with several broad curved bright blue irregular bands and a large oval black spot near the inner edge on the basal part of the fin containing several oval whitish spots. See Gomon & Kawai (2018).

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Austral Longfin Gurnard, Lepidotrigla cf japonica

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Northern Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in Indonesia.


Dorsal fin IX, 13-15 (rarely 15); Anal fin 13-15 (rarely 13 or 15); Pectoral fin 11 + 3; Lateral line 55–57 pored scales; Scales below lateral line ~16-17; Vertebrae 11 + 20 (rarely 20) = 30-31 (rarely 31); Gill rakers 0 + 6-7 (rarely 7) and sometimes 1 or 2 rudimentary rakers laterally on lower limb of first gill arch.
Pectoral-fin tip reaching base of tenth to fourteenth anal fin ray; no (rarely one or two) scales on predorsal midline.
Lateral profile of body with slight convex curve from first dorsal fin origin to moderately slender caudal peduncle; distinct postorbital notch above and behind each eye and faint furrow across nape at rear of interorbital space; rostral process broadly concave or with very broad medial notch and nearly smooth anterior edge terminating with moderately small triangular spine at each apical corner; predorsal space usually naked or with few large scales on periphery.
Second dorsal-fin spine slightly longer than first and slightly longer or subequal to third, subsequent spines progressively shorter; tips of pectoral fins reaching base of about tenth to fourteenth anal fin ray, first free pectoral fin ray reaching base of second anal fin ray. 


Distal four-fifths of caudal fin red with dorsally tapering narrow pink marginal band and broad reddish band at base; inner surface of pectoral fin yellowish green with large oval black spot adjacent posterior edge on basal half of fin and several curved broad bright blue transverse and marginal bands irregularly interconnected, elongate white spots encircling black spot just within its periphery.


Bray, D.J. 2018

Austral Longfin Gurnard, Lepidotrigla cf japonica


Gomon, M.F. & Kawai, T. 2018. A review of Indonesia’s Indian Ocean species of Lepidotrigla gurnards (Teleostei: Scorpaeniformes: Triglidae) with descriptions of three new species from southern coastal waters. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 66: 624-651 See ref online, open access

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CAAB Code:37288010

Depth:12-150 m

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