Yalmy Galaxias, Galaxias sp. nov. 'Yalmy'

'Yalmy' Galaxias, Galaxias sp. nov. 'Yalmy'. Source: Tarmo A. Raadik. License: All rights reserved

This species is only known from very small sections of streams in East Gippsland, Victoria.

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Yalmy Galaxias, Galaxias sp. nov. 'Yalmy'

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Restricted to the mid-reaches of the Yalmy River, Serpentine Creek, and the lower Rodger River, partly within the Snowy River National Park, Victoria, at an elevational range of 140-250 m asl. The species is known to only inhabit a 9.0 km stretch of stream.
Inhabits small shallow, clear flowing streams that are partly shaded in a forested catchment - with a mostly cobble substrate. 


IUCN Critically EndangeredASFB Critically Endangered
This species is considered to have been historically more widespread in the Snowy River catchment. Over the past two decades, this catchment has been impacted by recurring droughts and fires, which in turn has affected population densities of the Yalmy Galaxias (Raadik 2019).
In January 2020, extensive bushfires burnt through the known habitat of the Yalmy Galaxias. Heavy rains following the fires may further endanger this species by washing ash, sediment and toxic chemicals into rivers and streams.


The entire distribution of this species was burnt in the 2019/20 bushfires and the region received heavy rainfall before salvage efforts could be made. When the salvage was conducted the stream habitat was catastrophically impacted and only seven fish were caught. They were salvaged and translocated to an aquarium facility at the Arthur Rylah Institute, Victoria, for temporary captive management in February 2020. (Shelley et al. 2021)

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This species is closely related to the Barred Galaxias, Galaxias fuscus.


Bray, D.J. 2022

Yalmy Galaxias, Galaxias sp. nov. 'Yalmy'


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Conservation:IUCN Critically Endangered


Max Size:11 cm TL


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