Spotfin Porcupinefish, Chilomycterus reticulatus (Linnaeus 1758)

Other Names: Few-spined Porcupine-fish, Spotfin Burrfish, Spottedfin Burrfish

A Spotfin Porcupinefish, Chilomycterus reticulatus, at the Wreck of the Aarhus, Moreton Bay, Queensland. Source: Dave Harasti / License: All rights reserved

A pale greyish porcupinefish with short scattered non-movable spines, including at least one on the upperside of the caudal peduncle, small widely-spaced dark spots on the head, body and fins, and four diffuse dusky to brown bars, including one below the eye.

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Spotfin Porcupinefish, Chilomycterus reticulatus (Linnaeus 1758)

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Found in a range of habitats including rocky and coral reefs and associated soft bottoms. Juveniles are pelagic to about 20 cm standard length. Occurs on coral and rocky reefs worldwide in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate seas, usually above 25 m.


Body spines widely-spaced with 3 or 4 roots and fixed in an erect position; one or 2 small spines wholly on dorsal surface of caudal peduncle; normally 10 caudal-fin rays; nasal organ of adults an open, ridged cup; adults with spotted fins; some spines with 4 roots on top of head; one or 2 small spines wholly on dorsal surface of caudal peduncle; no tentacles over eyes.


Feeds on hard-shelled invertebrates.

Species Citation

Diodon reticulatus Linnaeus, 1758, Systema Naturae 1: 334. Type locality: India.


Dianne J. Bray

Spotfin Porcupinefish, Chilomycterus reticulatus (Linnaeus 1758)


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    CAAB Code:37469014

    Depth:20-100 m

    Habitat:Reef associated

    Max Size:75 cm TL

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