Yellowstriped Boxfish, Kentrocapros flavofasciatus (Kamohara 1938)

Yellowstriped Boxfish, Kentrocapros flavofasciatus. Source: Ken Graham / NSW Fisheries. License: All rights reserved

A boxfish with bluish upper sides and two broad yellow stripes along the head and body: the first through the eye and following the dorsal profile to below the dorsal fin, and the second from the upper jaw running above the pectoral-fin base to behind the dorsal-fin.
Females have many distinct round black spots on the back and upper sides, a broad bluish stripe behind the eye, and lack the yellow stripes of males.

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Yellowstriped Boxfish, Kentrocapros flavofasciatus (Kamohara 1938)

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Northeast of Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, and off Cairns, Queensl;and to off Moruya, New South Wales. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Western and central North Pacific (New Caledonia, East China Sea, Japan, Hawaii).


Dorsal fin 9-11; Anal fin 10; Pectoral fin 12-13; Caudal fin 11. 

Gill opening slightly oblique, located below the posterior half of eye, with posterior end of gill opening not reaching below posterior edge of eye. Dorsal and lateral surfaces of caudal peduncle with isolated bony plates.

Species Citation

Aracana flavofasciata Kamohara 1938, Offshore Bottom-fishes of Prov. Tosa, Shikoku, Japan:44, fig. 23. Type locality: Urado, Kochi, Japan.


Bray, D.J. 2019


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Yellowstriped Boxfish, Kentrocapros flavofasciatus (Kamohara 1938)


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CAAB Code:37466023

Depth:80-300 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:15 cm SL

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