Barred Toadfish, Contusus richei (Fréminville 1813)

Other Names: Globefish, Prickly Toadfish, Prickly Toado

A Barred Toadfish, Contusus richei. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

A pale greyish-green to pale greyish-blue above, silvery-white below, with darker spots and blotch forming irregular bars on the head. 
The Barred Toadfish differs from the Prickly Toadfish in having a longer caudal peduncle, the dorsal and anal fins never reaching the caudal-fin base, and the lower border of the eye level with the upper part of the pectoral-fin base.

Pufferfishes are poisonous and should never be eaten or fed to pets.

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Barred Toadfish, Contusus richei (Fréminville 1813)

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Recorded from southern New South Wales to Ceduna, in the Great Australian Bight, South Australia, including Tasmania. Also in New Zealand. Inhabits sandy and weedy areas.

Species Citation

Tetrodon richei Fréminville, 1813, Nouveau Bulletin des Sciences, par la Société Philomatique de Paris Histoire naturelle. Zoologie 3(67): 250, pl. 4(2).Type locality: South Australia (as 'sur les côtes de la terre de Nyts').


Dianne J. Bray

Barred Toadfish, Contusus richei (Fréminville 1813)


Fréminville, C.P.P. 1813. Description de quelques nouvelles espèces des Poissons de l'ordre des Branchiosteges. Nouveau Bulletin des Sciences, par la Société Philomatique de Paris Histoire naturelle. Zoologie 3(67): 249-253.

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CAAB Code:37467001


Depth:to 50 m

Habitat:Sandy, weedy areas

Max Size:19 cm TL

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