Spineless Toadfish, Torquigener perlevis (Ogilby 1908)

Spineless Toadfish, Torquigener perlevis. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A pale brown puffer with variably-sized whitish spots on the head and upper side, larger yellowish-brown spots forming a midlateral stripe, an irregular row of spots below the stripe, several indistinct pale vertical 'stripes' on the head below eye level, and a whitish underside. As the common name suggests, this species lacks a covering of spines on the body.

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Spineless Toadfish, Torquigener perlevis (Ogilby 1908)

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South of Cooktown, Queensland, to the mouth of the Georges River, Sydney, New South Wales. Inhabits shallow sandy estuaries and protected coastal bays.


The specific name is from the Latin perlevis (= very smooth), in reference to the complete absence of dermal spinules.

Species Citation

Spheroides perlevis Ogilby 1908, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 21: 22. Type locality: Sandgate, Moreton Bay, Queensland.


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Spineless Toadfish, Torquigener perlevis (Ogilby 1908)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37467060

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern


Depth:0-53 m

Habitat:Sandy areas

Max Size:20 cm TL


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