Darkvent Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus analis (Waite 1904)

Other Names: Morse-code Leatherjacket

A Darkvent Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus analis, at Noddy Island, Lord Howe Island, December 2008. Source: Erik Schlogl / iNaturalist.org. License: CC BY Attribution-NonCommercial

A bluish-green to olive-green leatherjacket with a large bluish blotch around the anus, very small dots and lines along the side, often pale dashes forming irregular rows along the lower side, a bluish snout, bright bluish fins.

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Darkvent Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus analis (Waite 1904)

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Lord Howe Province and the Lord Howe Rise south of the island, and south of Norfolk Island in the Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Kermadec Islands and northern New Zealand.
Inhabits deeper reefs.


Dorsal fin II + 33-35; Anal fin 29-33; Pectoral fin 12-13; Caudal fin 12.
Body oval, relatively deep; head large, deeper than long; caudal peduncle about as deep as long; eyes moderately small. First dorsal fin above middle to rear half of eye, spines along lateral surface directed laterally; soft dorsal and anal fins tall anteriorly, margins slightly convex; caudal fin pectoral fin small, rounded; pelvic-fin rudiment small, reduced to 2 pairs of fixed fused spiny scales; caudal fin trucate to rounded.


The specific name refers to the “well-defined” area of black surrounding the anus.

Species Citation

Pseudomonacanthus analis Waite 1904, Records of the Australian Museum 5(3): 173, fig. 32. Type locality: Lord Howe Island.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Darkvent Leatherjacket, Thamnaconus analis (Waite 1904)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37465084

Conservation:IUCN Data Deficient

Depth:6-360 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:22 cm SL

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