Ringeye Pygmygoby, Trimma benjamini Winterbottom 1996

Other Names: Redface Dwarfgoby, Redface Goby, Ringeye Pygmy Goby, Ring-eye Pygmy-goby

A Ringeye Pygmygoby, Trimma benjamini, at N Bali, Indonesia. Source: Jim Greenfield / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

A small reddish-orange goby with a narrow pale blue to whitish line around the eye, and a red iris with a whitish to yellow inner ring.

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Ringeye Pygmygoby, Trimma benjamini Winterbottom 1996

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Recorded on Australia from Rowley Shoals and Ashmore Reef, WA, and the species is widespread on the Great Barrier Reef and in the Coral Sea. Elsewhere, the species is widespread in the tropical, Indo-west-central Pacific.


Feeds on plankton.

Species Citation

Trimma benjamini Winterbottom, 1996, Rev. Franç. d'Aquariol. Herpétol. 23(1–2): 57, figs 1-4. Type locality: Siquijor Island, Tonga Point, Philippines.


Dianne J. Bray

Ringeye Pygmygoby, Trimma benjamini Winterbottom 1996


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428331

Depth:5-40 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:3 cm SL

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