Bathylagichthys kobylianskyi Gon & Stewart 2014

A Southern Deepsea Smelt, Bathylagichthys kobylianskyi, paratype, NMNZ P.39740, from Southern New Caledonian Basin, 35º59.02'S, 170º03.58'E, midwater trawl, 0–1975 m, RV Tangaroa, NORFANZ TAN 0308/168. Source: NORFANZ Founding Parties. License: All rights reserved

 A pale deepsea smelt two branchiostegal rays, 43–45 vertebrae, 25–31 gill rakers on the first arch, short supraorbital bone not reaching posteriorly to above the centre of the eye, and the caudal peduncle about as long as deep and of a similar length to the anal-fin base.

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Bathylagichthys kobylianskyi Gon & Stewart 2014

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East of New Castle to off Broken Bay, New South Wales, and the Norfolk Ridge, south of Norfolk Island (32°14'S, 167°48'E), and the Tasman Sea outside AUS EEZ.


Colour when fresh: Pale brown, darker dorsally, peppered with dark brown dots of various sizes; snout, jaws, interorbital space, temporal area and opercle blackish; black peritoneum shown through ventral body wall between pectoral and pelvic fins, becoming brownish and narrower between pelvic and anal fins. Dorsal and caudal fins blackish; pectoral, pelvic and anal fins pale; adipose fin blackish at base, dusky distally, with pale tip.

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Differs from Bathylagichthys problematicus in having fewer vertebrae (43–45 versus 49–51) and more gill rakers (usually 27–31 versus 25–28). 


Bathylagichthys kobylianskyi is named for Dr Stanislav Kobyliansky of the P.P. Shirshov Institute.

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Bathylagichthys kobylianskyi Gon & Stewart 2014, Zootaxa 3884(4): 373, Figs. 2a-c. Type locality: Hikurangi Trench, 42°12'S, 177°30'E, New Zealand, plankton trawl, depth 20-60 m. 


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Bathylagichthys kobylianskyi Gon & Stewart 2014


Gon, O. & Stewart, A.L. 2014. A new species of the genus Bathylagichthys (Pisces, Bathylagidae) from New Zealand. Zootaxa 3884(4): 371-378 DOI:  Abstract

Gon, O. & Stewart, A.L. 2015. Family Bathylagidae. pp. 337-345 in Roberts, C.D., Stewart, A.L. & Struthers, C.D. The Fishes of New Zealand. Wellington : Te Papa Press Vol. 2 pp. 1-576. 

Kobyliansky, S.G. 1990. Two new species of the genus Bathylagichthys Kobyliansky (Bathylagidae, Salmoniformes) from Southern Hemisphere subpolar waters. Voprosy Ikhtiologii 30(4): 537-542 (English translation in Journal of  Ichthyology 30(5):21–27)

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