Common name: Trumpeters


Trumpeters are found in the southern regions of Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and the southern Atlantic and southern Indian Oceans. They inhabit coastal near-shore rocky environments to depths of about 300 m on the continental slope.

Although latrids have numerous dorsal spines (14–24), they are related to morwongs, hawkfishes and kelpfishes by having the lower pectoral rays unbranched and thickened. Burridge & Smolenski (2004) recommended moving most cheilodactylid species to the Latridae, however, Roberts & Gomon (2008) retained the traditional classification. More detailed studies of the whole group with unbranched and thickened pectoral rays will undoubtedly modify the existing classification (Buirridge 2004). 

Latrids form a major fishery and are regarded as excellent-tasting fish. Maximum size reached is about 1.2 m 

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