Southern Cardinalfish, Vincentia conspersa (Klunzinger 1872)

Other Names: Orange Cardinalfish, Southern Gobbleguts

A Southern Cardinalfish, Vincentia conspersa, in Jawbone Marine Sanctuary, Williamstown, Port Phillip, Victoria, May 2016. Source: Julian K. Finn / Museum Victoria. License: CC by Attribution

A pinkish to reddish to dusky-brown cardinalfish, with irregular spots and speckles, and a darker diagonal line on the cheek below the eye. Male cardinalfish brood the developing eggs in their mouths.

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Southern Cardinalfish, Vincentia conspersa (Klunzinger 1872)

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Endemic to temperate waters of southern Australia from Wilsons Promontory (Victoria) to the middle of the Great Australian Bight (South Australia) and around Tasmania. Inhabits very shallow to deeper offshore reefs in 3-65 m. Nocturnal, hiding in caves and under ledges during the day.


Meristic counts: Dorsal fin VII-VIII; I, 9; Anal fin II, 9; Pectoral fin 15; Pelvic fin I, 5; Caudal fin rays: 17; Lateral line scales 23-24; Gill rakers 1 + 6-7.
Body oval, compressed, with a blunt head, a long tail base and two large short-based dorsal fins set close together, large pelvic fins, and the body covered in large rough scales. 


To a maximum length of 15 cm.


Colour varies from pinkish to reddish to dusky-brown, with irregular spots and speckles, and a darker diagonal line on cheek from below eye. 


Carnivores, feeding on zooplankton and benthic invertebrates.


The sexes are separate and fertilization is external. Males brood the developing eggs in their large mouths, and do not feed during this time.


IUCN Red List: not evaluated.

EPBC Act 1999: Not listed


Dianne J. Bray

Southern Cardinalfish, Vincentia conspersa (Klunzinger 1872)


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CAAB Code:37327033

Biology:Males - mouth brooders

Depth:3-65 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:15 cm


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