Western Shovelnose Stingaree, Trygonoptera mucosa (Whitley 1939)

Other Names: Bebil, Kejetuck, Western Stingaree, Yellow-spotted Stingaree

The Western Shovelnose Stingaree, Trygonoptera mucosa. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

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Western Shovelnose Stingaree, Trygonoptera mucosa (Whitley 1939)


Last, P.R & Gomon, M.F. 1987. New Australian fishes. Part 15. New species of Trygonoptera and Urolophus(Urolophidae). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 48(1): 63-72 https://doi.org/10.24199/j.mmv.1987.48.15Open access

Last, P.R., Yearsley, G.K. & White, W.T. 2016. Family Urolophidae pp. 676-705. In: Last, P.R., White, W.T., de Carvalho, M.R., Séret, B., Stehmann, M.F.W. & & Naylor, G.J.P. (eds) Rays of the World. Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 800 pp.

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CAAB Code:37038015

Danger:Venomous spines

Depth:to 40 m

Max Size:45 cm TL

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