Common name: Breams, Porgies, Seabreams, Snappers



Most sparids are deep-bodied compressed fishes with a small mouth separated by a broad space from the eye, a single dorsal fin with strong spines and soft rays, a short anal fin, long pointed pectoral fins and rather large firmly attached scales. They usually have canines or incisors at the front of the jaws, and rounded molars in the rear.

Sparids are considered to be excellent eating, and many species are commercially and recreationally important.

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Family Taxonomy

The family is represented by about 33 genera and more than 130 species worldwide. Of these, 10 species in 6 genera occur in Australian waters.

Most of the tropical Australian species are treated in Carpenter (2001) and Gomon (2008) treated two temperate species.

Family Distribution

Found worldwide, mostly found in tropical waters in regions with large shallow continental shelves. 

Family Commercial

Sparids are important food fishes and are taken in both commercial and local artisinal fisheries throughout their range.

Many species form the basis of major fisheries, and some are also the focs of large aquaculture and stocking programmes, especially in parts of Asia.


Dianne J. Bray & Martin F. Gomon


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