Common name: Milkfish


Large, somewhat compressed fishes with large eyes, adipose eyelids, a pointed snout, a small terminal mouth, a single short-based dorsal fin at midbody, abdominal pelvic fins and a large forked tail. 
Milkfish lack fin spines and jaw teeth, and are covered in small smooth scales with the lateral line running along above the midline.

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Family Taxonomy

Family with a single widely-distributed species Chanos chanos, found throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Family Distribution

Widespread throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific' occurs in coastal waters, where it enters brackish and occasionally fresh waters.

Family Description

Meristic features:
Single short-based dorsal fin in middle of back, gill rakers long, numerous; pelvic fins abdominal; fin spine slacking; no jaw teeth; adipose eyelids extending from behind the snout to the operculum, covering the eyes.

Family Size

The species attains a length of 1.8 m.

Family Feeding

Adults apparently feed on algae, detritus and associated animals. 

Family Reproduction

In a study around Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Leis & Reader (1991) suggested that milkfish larvae hatched from eggs offshore in the Coral Sea, and subsequently moved inshore towards the reefs.

Family Commercial

Milkfish are of considerable commercial importance, and are widely aquacultured in ponds for food in southeast Asia.


Dianne J. Bray


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