Genus Arothron

A widespread genus with about 15 species found mostly in tropical or sub-tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific. Ten species occur in Australian waters.
Characteristics: Body oblong in profile, rounded in cross section; most of body covered by small spines; lateral line generally indistinct, but when apparent angled from back of head toward centre of caudal peduncle, without branch angled anteroventrally above anal fin or second lateral line on ventrolateral surface; caudal peduncle without lateral skinfolds; chin not prominent; each nostril a tube divided nearly to base. 
Author: Dianne J. Bray

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Matsuura, K. 2008. Families Ostraciidae, Tetraodontidae. pp. 842-856 in Gomon. M.F., Bray, D.J. & Kuiter, R.H (eds). Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast. Sydney : Reed New Holland 928 pp.