Genus Chlorophthalmus

The genus Chlorophthalmus is characterised by the following a combination of characters: lateral-line scales greater than 46; scale rows above lateral line greater than 3; snout profile straight or slightly concave; snout length in horizontal orbit diameter 1.0-1.8; anterior part of lower-jaw teeth exposed; vomerine teeth of moderate size; palatine teeth minute, restricted to anterior half of bone; posterior tip of upper jaw not extending beyond vertical through eye center; origin of dorsal fin posterior to vertical through pelvic-fin origin; anus very close to pelvic-fin base; light organ present near anus. 
Author: Bray, D.J. 2020

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Fricke, R. & Durville, P. 2020. Chlorophthalmus vulcanus, a new species of greeneye from La RĂ©union, southwestern Indian Ocean (Teleostei: Chlorophthalmidae). FishTaxa 17: 1-11. See ref online