Smoothsnout Whiptail, Kumba gymnorhynchus Iwamoto & Sazonov 1994

Smoothsnout Whiptail, Kumba gymnorhynchus. Source: Tomio Iwamoto via Atlas of Living Australia. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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Smoothsnout Whiptail, Kumba gymnorhynchus Iwamoto & Sazonov 1994

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Off Albany, Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in the south-eastern Indian Ocean and South China Sea.


Dorsal fin II, 10.
Head firm head, not inflated, sensory canals lacking pores. Scaleless part of snout extending to lateral nasal angles but not onto forehead. Orbit diameter about 26% of head length; snout slightly longer than orbit; interorbital about equal to the orbit; upper jaw 40-43% HL; short barbel, about 7% HL.


The specific name gymnorhynchus is from the Greek gymnos (naked) and rhynchos (snout).

Species Citation

Kumba gymnorhynchus Iwamoto & Sazonov 1994, Proc. Cal. Acad. Sci. 48(11): 229, figs 3-4. Type locality: West Australian Ridge, Indian Ocean, 1260-1370 m. [30°46'S 93°20'E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Smoothsnout Whiptail, Kumba gymnorhynchus Iwamoto & Sazonov 1994


Iwamoto, T. & Sazonov, Y.I. 1994. Revision of the genus Kumba (Pisces: Gadiformes, Macrouridae), with description of three new species. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 48(11): 221-237, figs 1-9

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CAAB Code:37232127

Depth:825-1370 m


Max Size:50 cm TL

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