Gulper Shark, Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)

Gulper Shark, Centrophorus granulosus. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

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Gulper Shark, Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)

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West of Dirk Hartog Island to west of Montebello Islands, Western Australia, and  from northeast Queensland to off Wooli, New South Wales. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Indo-west Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Species Citation

Squalus granulosus Bloch & Schneider 1801, Systema Ichthyologiae: 135. Type locality: off Puerto Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, 28°19.0 - 21.55'N, 16°19.4 - 13.45'W, Neotype.


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Gulper Shark, Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)


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CAAB Code:37020023

Behaviour:150 cm TL

Depth:100–1200 m


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