Andinoacara pulcher (Gill 1858)

Other Names: Blue Acara
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Andinoacara pulcher (Gill 1858)

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Introduced from the West Indies via the aquarium trade to creeks in Brisbane and the Leslie Dam, southeast Queensland, and the Hazelwood power station cooling ponds, Morwell, Victoria. Until the March 2017 closure of the Hazelwood Power Station, a self-sustaining population occurred in the warm-water effluent pondage.


Dorsal fin XIV, 10; Anal fin III,8; Pectoral fin 14; Lateral-line scales 23-25.
Body deep, egg-shaped, strongly compressed; single nostril on each side of snout; lateral line interrupted
Scales ctenoid, medium to large in size.
Single dorsal fin, anterior portion spinous, posterior portion soft-rayed; caudal fin rounded


To 20cm SL, commonly to 11cm.


Olive to yellow-green; underside silvery grey to bluish; sides with 8 ill-defined transverse bands and numerous narrow horizontal stripes, stripes separated by longitudinal rows of grass-green or brass-coloured scales; deep black blotch under eye and second near middle of body; vertical black stripe on caudal peduncle; many bright green wavy lines on head with spots of similar color on sides. Dorsal and caudal fins clay-coloured with dark spots. Ventral and anal fins somewhat blue-green, with delicate spotting.


Omnivorous, feeding mainly on worms, crustaceans and insects.


Oviparous demersal spawners laying up to around 500 eggs. Parents care for eggs and larvae. Larvae hatch after around 2 days.


Also widely known in the aquarium industy as Aequidens pulcher.

Species Citation

Cychlasoma pulchrum  Gill, T.N. (1858). Synopsis of the fresh water fishes of the western portion of the island of Trinidad, W. I. Ann. Lyc. Nat. Hist. N.Y. 6(10–13): 363–430 [382]. Trinidad Is., West Indies.


Martin F. Gomon


Australian Faunal Directory

Andinoacara pulcher (Gill 1858)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37371006

Fishing:aquarium fish


Max Size:20 cm SL


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