Kermadec Whiptail, Coelorinchus kermadecus Jordan & Gilbert 1904

Other Names: Kermadec Rattail

Kermadec Whiptail, Coelorinchus kermadecus. Source: Robin McPhee & Mark McGrouther. License: © NORFANZ Founding Parties


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Kermadec Whiptail, Coelorinchus kermadecus Jordan & Gilbert 1904

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Temperate and tropical Southwestern Pacific; known from the Kermadec Islands in New Zealand to south of New Caledonia and southeastern Australia; benthopelagic on the continental slope in 620-1500 m; in Australian waters, mostly collected in 790-1050 m.


D II, 7-9; P i16-i19; V 7; GR 7-9; PC 10-12.
Body elongate, head moderate, ridges not especially coarsely and sharply spined; snout long, sharply pointed, much longer than orbit diameter, anterolateral margin incompletely supported by bone; underside of head covered with small scales, nasal fossa finely scaled ventrally. Body scales with 4-7 more-or-less parallel rows of broadly triangular spinules, middle row the largest. Light organ short, not externally visible.


A large species, reaching a total length of about 60 cm.


Overall greyish/brown to dark brown, no violet or purplish tinge; fins dusky to blackish; mouth dark grey to blackish, area surrounding anus bluish, but colour not extending to bases of pelvic fins.




Of no commercial importance.


Not evaluated.

Species Citation

Coelorhynchus kermadecus Jordan, Gilbert & Starks, 1904, Bull. U.S. Fish Comm. for 1902 22: 619, Kermadec Island.


Bray, D.J. & G. Frankham

Kermadec Whiptail, Coelorinchus kermadecus Jordan & Gilbert 1904


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CAAB Code:37232040


Depth:790-1450 m



Max Size:600

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