Abyssal Whiptail, Coryphaenoides murrayi Günther 1878

Other Names: Abyssal Rattail, Large Fang Rattail, Roundhead Grenadier

Coryphaenoides-murrayi. Source: Coryphaenoides-murrayi. License:

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Abyssal Whiptail, Coryphaenoides murrayi Günther 1878

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Worldwide; bathypelagic to 2500 metres, usually below 1000 m.


D II, A; P 8-12; V 7-9; GR (inner) 9-11; BR; 6 PC 12.
Head smoothly rounded, compressed, without spiny ridges, fully covered with small, finely spinulated scales and pocked with large open sensory pores; snout not projecting; eye small. Mouth large, terminal, jaws with a single row of large canine teeth, those in jaw much larger; chin barbel absent. Abdomen short, distance from isthmus to anus less than half head length. Spinous ray of first dorsal fin with smooth leading edge; anal and pelvic fins far forward, poorly developed. Body scales small, adherent, with 1-3 small, bristly spinules; lateral-line canal developed only anteriorly, ending near origin of second dorsal fin. Anus within large periproct about midway between pelvic and anal fins; small fossa of light organ slightly in advance of line connecting ventral-fin bases; swimbladder absent;


To 54 cm TL.


Colour overall black to swarthy.


Preys on other fishes.


Angle of mouth gape is most often vertical in younger stages but becomes backwardly inclined with age; postlarvae and juveniles are boldly spotted.

Species Citation

Odontomacrurus murrayi Norman 1939, Sci. Repts. John Murray Exped. 7(1): 49, fig. 18, Arabian Sea.

Abyssal Whiptail, Coryphaenoides murrayi Günther 1878


Iwamoto, T. & Graham, K.J. 2001. Grenadiers (Families Bathygadidae and Macrouridae,  Gadiformes, Pisces) of New South Wales, Australia. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. 52(21): 407-509, figs. 1-114.

Marshall, N.B. 1973. Odontomacrurus, pp. 534-537 In Cohen, D.M., J.W. Atz, F.H. Berry, J.E. Böhlke, R.H. gibbs, E.A. lachner, G.W. Mead & D. Merriman (eds.) Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Mem. Sears Found. Mar. Res. Mem. 1(6), 698 pp.

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CAAB Code:37232052

Biology:No light organ

Depth:790-1550 m



Max Size:370

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