Shortspine Goosefish, Lophiodes triradiatus (Lloyd 1909)

Other Names: Shortspine Monkfish

Shortspine Goosefish, Lophiodes triradiatus. Source: Ho, Hsuan-Ching. License: All rights reserved

Head and body greatly depressed, dorsal fin with 3 spines, the second and third spines relatively short and adorned with tendrils; illicium ('fishing rod') relatively short, esca (bait) a leaf-like transparent flap; postcephalic spine absent.

In Australia, the Shortspine Goosefish was previously called Lophiodes infrabrunneus - a junior synonym of L. triradiatus.

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Shortspine Goosefish, Lophiodes triradiatus (Lloyd 1909)

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Recorded from off NW Australia - from W of Barrow Island (20°59'S) to SW of Scott Reef (14°36'S) WA). Elsewhere the species is widespread in the tropical Indo-west Pacific: South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Salomon Island, South and East China seas and Japan..


Meristic features: Dorsal fin I;I;I; 8(7-8); Pectoral fin 16 (16–20); Anal fin 6; Caudal fin 9; Vertebrae 19.

Head and body strongly depressed, oval in shape, tapering posteriorly; gill opening relatively large, reaching forward beyond pectoral-fin base; head with tendrils along lower edge, trunk and tail; frontal ridge straight and smooth, without a knob; eyes large, directed upwards, interorbital space flat. Mouth large, lower jaw reaching beyond upper jaw; upper jaw teeth large, in 3 rows anteriorly, in a single row posteriorly; lower jaw teeth in three rows, inner row largest; teeth present on vomer, palatines and tongue.


In preservative: Light to dark brown above, paler below; fins darker than body, becoming paler towards outer margin; peritoneum black.


Dianne J. Bray

Shortspine Goosefish, Lophiodes triradiatus (Lloyd 1909)


Caruso, J.H. 1983. The systematics and distribution of the lophiid anglerfishes. I. A revision of the genus Lophiodes with the description of two new species. Copeia 1983(3): 522-549. (as Lophiodes infrabrunneus)

Ho, H.-C., Séret, B. & Shao, K.-T. 2009. Redescription of Lophiodes infrabrunneus Smith and Radcliffe, 1912, a senior synonym of L. abdituspinus Ni, Wu and Li, 1990 (Lophiiformes: Lophiidae). Zootaxa 2326: 62–68.

Ho, H.-C., K.K. Bineesh & K.V. Akhilesh. 2014. Rediscovery of Lophiodes triradiatus (Lloyd, 1909), a senior synonym of L. infrabrunneus Smith and Radcliffe (Lophiiformes: Lophiidae). Zootaxa 3786(5): 587-592.

Ho, H.-C., Séret, B. & Shao, K.-T. 2011. Records of anglerfishes (Lophiiformes: Lophiidae) from the western South Pacific Ocean, with descriptions of two new species. Journal of Fish Biology 79(7): 1722-1745

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CAAB Code:37208002

Biology:"Fishing lure" on head

Depth:495-1560 m

Habitat:Bottom dwelling

Max Size:26 cm TL

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