Arrowtail Cod, Melanonus zugmayeri Norman 1930

Other Names: Arrowtail

Arrowtail Cod, Melanonus zugmayeri. Source: Ken Graham / NSW Fisheries. License: All rights reserved

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Arrowtail Cod, Melanonus zugmayeri Norman 1930

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Northwest Shelf, west of the Montebello Islands, to south of Scott Reef, Western Australia, and east of Wallis Lake, New South Wales, to the Great Australian Bight, South Australia, and off Tasmania (south to the South Tasman Rise); also the Lord Howe Rise southeast of Lord Howe Island, Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species is circumglobal in tropical, subtropical and temperate seas, often around seamounts.


Dorsal fin 6 + 61-75; Anal fin 50-61; Pectoral fin 13; Pelvic fin 7; Scales in longitudinal series ~80. 
Upper jaw extending to below or usually beyond rear edge of eye; upper jaw teeth in three rows, median row enlarged, needle-like, a pair of enlarged teeth near symphysis; lower jaw teeth biserial, inner row of canine teeth enlarged, widely-spaced; vomerine and palatine teeth in a single row.

Similar Species

Differs from the Pelagic Cod, Melanonus gracilis, in having moderately large teeth, and the upper jaw extending to below or usually beyond the rear edge of the eye (vs. teeth uniformly small, and the upper jaw not extending to below rear edge of eye in M. gracilis).


The species is named in honour of ichthyologist Erich Zugmayer, who proided a description of the Arrowtail Cod in 1911 (as Melanonus gracilis).

Species Citation

Melanonus zugmayeri Norman 1930, Discovery Reports 2: 341, fig. 35. Type locality: Southeastern Atlantic, 13°58'30"S, 11°43'30"E, Discovery station 270, depth 0-200 m.


Bray, D.J. 2020


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Arrowtail Cod, Melanonus zugmayeri Norman 1930


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37224016

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:0-3000 m

Habitat:Oceanic, meso-, bathypelagic

Max weight:29 cm TL

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