Hymenocephalus grimaldii Weber 1913

Illustration of the head and otoliths of Hymenocephalus grimaldii - based on WAM P.32344-006, BSKU 098160, BSKU 17011. Source: Werner Schwarzhans / Zootaxa 3888. License: CC by Attribution

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Hymenocephalus grimaldii Weber 1913

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Off Northwest Cape and the Timor Sea, Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, west Pacific: Timor and Java seas, Indonesia.

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Hymenocephalus grimaldii Weber 1913, Siboga-Expéditie Report 57: 169. Type locality: Bali Sea, 7°19.4'S, 116°49.5'E, Indonesia, Siboga station 316, depth 538 m.


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Hymenocephalus grimaldii Weber 1913


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Weber, M. 1913. Die Fische der Siboga-Expedition. Siboga-Expéditie Report 57: 1-710 123 figs 12 pls

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CAAB Code:37232133

Feeding:538-649 m


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