Red Coffinfish, Chaunax russatus Ho, Roberts & Stewart 2013

Holotype of the Red Coffinfish, Chaunax russatus, NMNZ P.038059, fro the Kaikoura Canyon, New Zealand, depth 821-1030 m. Source: Robin McPhee, Fig. 11A, in Ho et al. (2013) Zootaxa 3620(1): 89-111. License: All rights reserved

A deep red coffinfish with creamy white to fuzzy greyish spots or patches on the dorsal surface, and a very wide illicial trough that is usually as wide or wider than the pupil diameter.

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Red Coffinfish, Chaunax russatus Ho, Roberts & Stewart 2013

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W of Geraldton to SW of Albany, Western Australia, the Tasman Sea, and the Lord Howe Rise, Wanganella Bank on the West Norfolk Ridge, and south to the Cascade Plateau. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Indo-West Pacific: South Africa, Mozambique, and New Zealand.
Inhabits continental slopes, seamounts, ridges and rises.


Bright red with scattered patches of darker pigment; lateral cirri bright red; inner part of mouth cavity and gill chamber including gill arches blackish.

Similar Species

The Red Coffinfish is most similar to Chaunax mulleus, having similar lateral line neuromast counts and squamation, with overlapping proportions. C. russatus differs from C. mulleus in having a very large illicial trough that is usually wider than the diameter of the eye pupil (vs. narrower), a uniformly deep red colour (vs. pinkish with red tips of the pectoral and pelvic fins) and a naked area in front of the illicial trough (vs. a narrow band of dermal spinules).


The specific name is from the Latin russatus (= clothed in red), in reference to the uniform bright red colour of the body and fins.

Species Citation

Chaunax russatus Ho, Roberts & Stewart 2013, Zootaxa 3620(1): 105, Figs. 11A-B, 12A-B. Type locality: Kaikoura Canyon, 43°0.09'S, 173°53.85'E, New Zealand area, 821-1030 m.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Red Coffinfish, Chaunax russatus Ho, Roberts & Stewart 2013


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CAAB Code:37211014

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth: 512–1200 m

Habitat:Continental slope

Max Size:24.5 cm SL

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