Barathronus pacificus Nielsen & Eagle 1974

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Barathronus pacificus Nielsen & Eagle 1974

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Great Australian Bight, South Australia, at depths of 3817-4750 m.


Dorsal fin 67-80; Anal fin 61-69: Pectoral fin 25-27; Precaudal vertebrae 37-39, total vertebrae 82-89; Anterior gill arch with 28-35 long rakers, 6-8 fangs on vomer, peritoneum transparent, no ventral flexure of anteriormost vertebrae and a pair of small claspers at basis of penis.

Species Citation

Barathronus pacificus Nielsen & Eagle 1974, J. Fisheries Research Board of Canada 31(6): 1067, Fig. 1. Type locality: Northeastern Pacific, 700 kilometers off Oregon, U.S.A., 44°41.1'N, 133°24.1'W, depth 3784 m.


Bray, D.J. 2019

Barathronus pacificus Nielsen & Eagle 1974


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CAAB Code:37228823

Depth:3817-4750 m


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