Solegnathus sp. 1 (of Kuiter)

An undescribed spipehorse species found off eastern Australia. This species was previously known as Solegnathus hardwickii.
Kuiter (2009) regards Solegnathus hardwickii to be restricted to the Northern Hemisphere (type locality: China), and that the name has been misapplied to two undescribed species in Australia, one off west and northwestern Australia, and the other off the east coast. DNA barcoding of Australian material suggests that Kuiter is correct.

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Solegnathus sp. 1 (of Kuiter)

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Endemic to eastern Australia, from off Cairns, Queensland, to off Kempsey, New South Wales.


Bray, D.J. 2020

Solegnathus sp. 1 (of Kuiter)


Connolly, R.M., Cronin, E.R. & Thomas, B.E. 2001. Trawl bycatch of syngnathids in Queensland: catch rates, distribution and population biology of Solegnathus pipehorses (seadragons). School of Environmental and Applied Sciences, Griffith University, Gold Coast, 59 pp. (as Solegnathus hardwickii)

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