The Key to Australian Freshwater Fishes was developed by Martin F. Gomon and Vanessa J. Thompson of Museum Victoria, in cooperation with other members of the OzFishNet consortium. Funds for the project were provided by the Australian Biological Resources Survey (ABRS) who also generously granted access to the Australian Faunal Directory database for distributional and descriptive information relating to the species treated.

The authors are deeply grateful to the many people who contributed images to the production of this freshwater fish key. Many high quality line drawings were generously provided by Rhyll Plant and Rosalind Poole. Thanks are due to the following photographers, organizations and/or businesses who generously allowed use of their digital images.

Gerald Allen

Neil Armstrong

Michael Hammer

Rudie Kuiter

Jeff Johnson

Tarmo Raadik

G√ľnther Schmida

Copyright notice

This key has been developed under a Creative Commons Licence and the content may be freely distributed or copied. However, it is requested that the authors be acknowledged in any subsequent use of this work (see below).

This key also contains images and illustrations created by other individuals that may be protected by copyright. Image sources and copyright information are indicated in the image captions. Unless otherwise noted, users must obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) to reproduce this material.

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Gomon, M.F. and V. Thompson. (2012) Key to Australian Freshwater Fishes, Lucid v. 3.5. Fishes of Australia. [date you accessed site]

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