Common name: Eeltail catfishes


Medium-sized scaleless catfishes with a long tapering body; mouth surrounded by 4 pairs of barbels; soft dorsal, caudal and anal fins continuous; dorsal and pectoral-fin spines venomous. 
Eeltail catfishes are found throughout the Indian Ocean and western tropical Pacific, in freshwater, estuarine and coastal marine habitats. Little is known about the natural history of Australian species.

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Family Taxonomy

Family Distribution

Eel-tailed catfishes are distributed throughout the Indian Ocean and western tropical Pacific in freshwater, estuarine and coastal marine habitats.

Family Description

The freshwater species are distinctive in lacking a dendritic organ protruding from the anus that is characteristic of marine species.

Family Size

Species in Australia range in maximum size from 15 cm to 1.4 m.

Family Feeding

Some species prey on aquatic invertebrates.


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