Common name: Livebearers


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Family Taxonomy

The poeciliids were reviewed by Rosen & Bailey (1963) and Merrick & Schmida (1984) discussed the biology of several species recorded from Australia. The family contains about 20 genera and 140 species. 

Family Distribution

Poeciliids are native to North, Central and South America. Most species are found in fresh water, but some are tolerant of brackish water.In recent years, species kept in aquaria have been released into the wild, often with adverse effects on native fishes (Arthington et al. 1983; McKay, 1984). At least six species are established in Australia.

Family Size

Maximum length for the family is about 100 mm; in most species females are larger than males.

Family Reproduction

Poecoliids are live-bearing fishes.

Family Commercial

Many species are popular in the aquarium trade, such as molly, swordtail, platy and guppy. 


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