Genus Thalasseleotris


A genus of small marine fishes with the following characteristics: head pores lacking, a single pterygiophore before the first haemal arch; a broad membrane closing the first gill slit to the gill cover.

Diagnosis: Gill opening broad, gill membranes attached to isthmus below posterior quarter of eye; membranes forming a free fold across the isthmus. Vertebrae 10/17. Tongue tip deeply bilobed. First gill slit closed by membrane from the lower part of the first gill arch to the inner gill cover. Head without scales, body covered with ctenoid scales, cycloid on belly. Mouth small, posterior end of jaws reaching to a point below the posterior quarter of the eye. Pelvic fins completely separate, with no basal membrane. Segmented caudal-fin rays 8+8=16 (Hoese & Larson 1987).

Author: Douglass F. Hoese, Helen K. Larson & Dianne J. Bray

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