Common name: Perches and allies

The Perciformes is the largest and most diverse group of modern bony fishes, comprising about 40% of bony fishes. The order is difficult to define because members do not share a unique character or a unique combination of characters. Perciform fishes all share a number of characters and all lack a number of characters. Many species have a generalized perch-like body form.  All have the following characters: dorsal, anal and pelvic fins with fin spines; pelvic fins with one spine and up to 5 rays, usually positioned forward on the body; 17 or fewer principal caudal-fin rays that articulate with  up to five hypural bones; four gill arches; 7 or fewer branchiostegal rays and lack an adipose fin.

The evolutionary history and interrelationships of this group are poorly known, and the group may not be monophyletic.

Author: Dianne J. Bray & Martin F. Gomon

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