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Family Taxonomy

A large family with almost 350 described species in 26 genera worldwide (Eschmeyer & Fong 2012). About 130 species in 20 genera are known from Australian waters, including one species from Christmas Island.
Relationships within the family are being currently under study. The subfamilies Apogoninae and Pseudaminae are paraphyletic, and there are many inconsistencies between the various molecular datasets regarding the placement of species within genera. 

Family Distribution

The family is widely distributed in all tropical and temperate seas. Genera are mainly inshore marine or occasionally estuarine inhabitants, although one, Glossamia, is restricted to fresh waters of northern Australia and New Guinea.

The majority of species inhabit northern coral reefs and a few are obtained mainly by trawling over sand and mud bottoms. Most members of the family are nocturnally active, sheltering during daylight hours in caverns, rocky fissures, amongst branching corals, under jetties, etc.

Family Description

Dorsal fin VI-VIII + 8-14; Anal fin II, 8-18; Branchiostegal rays 7; Vertebrae 24-25 (10 + 14-15).

Dorsal fins separate; scales mostly ctenoid, cycloid in some, absent in Gymnapogon.

Family Size

The maximum standard length is 4-17 cm, although most species are less than 10 cm.

Family Colour

Although highly variable in colour, cardinalfishes are usually reddish, brown or blackish, often with darker bars and stripes

Family Feeding

Apogonids are carnivores, and most species are nocturnal, feeding on a variety of zooplankton and small benthic invertebrates.

Family Reproduction

The sexes are separate and fertilization is external. Cardinalfishes are paternal mouthbrooders - one of only a few marine fish families where males incubate the fertilised eggs in their mouths until the larvae hatch. Males may fertilise the eggs of multiple females.

Family Commercial

Some species are very popular in the aquarium industry.

Family Conservation

Family Remarks

Family Biology


Dianne J. Bray & Martin F. Gomon

Family Resources


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