Common name: Grunters, striped grunters, terapon perches, terapontids, trumpeter

A large group of small to medium-sized perch-like fishes found in marine, brackish and fresh waters of the Indo-West Pacific.

Grunters have a single long-based dorsal fin with a notch between the spinous and soft-rayed parts, small to moderate-sized scales, a continuous lateral line that extends onto the caudal fin, and teeth are absent from the roof of the mouth in most species.

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Family Taxonomy

As of 2014, fourteen genera and 34 described species are known from Australian waters. A number of species from north-western Australia are yet to be described.

Family Distribution

Found in marine, brackish and freshwaters of the Indo-West Pacific. Many species spend their entire lives in freshwater, while others are inhabit marine or estuarine waters, only sometimes venturing into freshwater.

Family Reproduction

Grunters one of the most speciose and trophically diverse Australian freshwater fish families. Their feeding habits span carnivorous, insectivorous, omnivorous, herbivorous, frugivorous and detritivorous trophic strategies.


Martin F. Gomon & Dianne J. Bray


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