Genus Thunnus

Genus with 7 species variously around the world, 4 in Australia including southern coast.  Body fusiform; caudal peduncle with prominent lateral keel and smaller keel above and below on base of tail; mouth extending to below front half of eye; jaw teeth small, conical, teeth on palatines and vomer; scales very small, cycloid covering body, those in pectoral regions larger forming obscure corselet; lateral line mostly straight; dorsal fins almost joined, 1st dorsal moderately tall anteriorly, margin slightly concave, base about 3 times length of 2nd;  2nd dorsal and anal fin tallest and pointed anteriorly, anal-fin origin behind 2nd dorsal-fin origin; caudal fin lunate; interpelvic process moderately small, bifid.
Author: Martin F. Gomon

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