Genus Leptachirus


Members of the genus Leptachirus are found in freshwater or estuarine habitats in southern New Guinea and northern Australia. They differ from species in the closely-related marine genus Aseraggodes in having a more slender body, (depth 2.7-3.55 in SL), the corner of its jaws exposed on the cheek, usually 3 or 4 pelvic rays, shorter pelvic fins, each usually with 3 or 4 rays, and different pattern of its cephalic lateralis sensory system (Randall 2007).

Type species: Leptachirus alleni Randall 2007.

Leptachirus is from the Greek leptos meaning thin, and Achirus Lacep├Ęde, a genus of soles, in reference to the thin and slender body of members of this genus.

Author: Bray, D.J. 2016

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Randall, J.E., 2007. Leptachirus, a new soleid fish genus from New Guinea and northern Australia, with descriptions of eight new species. Records of the Western Australian Museum 24: 81-108.  PDF available - open access