Three-line Sole, Leptachirus triramus Randall 2007

Other Names: Kimberley Sole, Tailed Sole

Holotype of the Kimberley Sole, Leptachirus triramus, NTM S.11543-004, from the Victoria River, Northern Territory. Source: Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. License: All rights reserved

A slender brownish sole with many small blackish spots, and three rows of blackish blotches of about twice eye diameter on the eyed-side, a dark streak on the middle of each dorsal and anal-fin ray, and small dark spots on the caudal-fin rays.

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Three-line Sole, Leptachirus triramus Randall 2007

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Known from the Bow River, Western Australia, to the Daly River, Northern Territory.


Dorsal fin 65-72; Anal fin 50-56; Pelvic rays 4-5 (usually 4); Lateral-line scales 71-84; Lateral line on ocular side of head with three branches; Vertebrae 36-38. 
Body slender, depth 2.85-3.15 in SL; no caudal peduncle or extremely short; short head, length 4.7-5.15 in SL; eye diameter 4.8-5.5 in HL; interorbital width 9.55-10.7 in HL; longest dorsal ray 1.7-2.0 in HL; caudal fin 3.95-4.1 in SL; ocular-side pelvic fin anterior to blind-side fin; ocular-side pelvic fin joined by membrane to base of genital papilla, fin of blind side joined to blind-side of anal papilla; pelvic fins reaching base of second anal ray, 2.3-2.6 in HL; no scales extending onto dorsal and anal rays.

Similar Species

The Three-line Sole differs from other species in the genus Leptachirus in having three instead of two branches of the lateral line on the eyed-side of the head, the eyed-side pelvic fin attached to the base of the genital papilla, larger eyes, and no scales extending onto the dorsal and anal-fin rays. 


The specific name triramus is from the Latin tri (three) and ramus (branch), in reference to the three branches of the lateral line on the eyed-side of the head.

Species Citation

Leptachirus triramus Randall 2007, Rec. W. A. Mus. 24(1): 104, fig.10. Type locality: Wattie Creek, Victoria River, NT, 0-2m [17°24'S, 130°52'E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Three-line Sole, Leptachirus triramus Randall 2007


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Randall, J.E., 2007. Leptachirus, a new soleid fish genus from New Guinea and northern Australia, with descriptions of eight new species. Records of the Western Australian Museum 24: 81-108.  PDF available - open access

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CAAB Code:37462054


Max Size:6 cm SL


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