Genus Sciadonus

Body long, slender, compressed; skin loose, transparent, scaleless. Lower jaw protruding; upper jaw ending below or slightly behind small, deepset eyes. Mouth almost horizontal; palatines edentate, vomer with or without small fangs, basibranchial tooth patches not developed. Pectoral peduncle about three times as long as high. Dorsal fin rays 68-107; caudal fin rays 5-7; anal fin rays 38-60; pectoral fin rays 9-16; pelvic fin rays 0-1. Anterior gill arch without long and with 12-15 very small rakers. Vertebral centra in adults almost rectangular in lateral view. Males with well-developed urogenital hood ventrally covering penis. Females with a pair of claspers at urogenital opening. 
Author: Bray, D.J. 2022

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