Genus Bassozetus

A cusk eel genus with the following characters: eye much smaller than snout, dorsal margin of maxilla sheathed by skin of cheek region, preopercle posteriorly enlarged and almost reaching posterior margin of opercle, opercular spine absent or weak, pectoral-fin rays not reaching anus, pelvic fin with one ray and 9-22 long gill rakers on first gill arch.
Author: Bray, D.J. 2018

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Tomiyama, S., Takami, M. & Fukui, A. 2016. A new deepwater assfish, Bassozetus nielseni sp. nov. (Ophidiiformes: Ophidiidae), from the North Atlantic and West Indian oceans. Ichthyological Research abstract, published online on 20 Feb 2018, 10pp.