Genus Morwong

A genus of latrid fishes with the following combination of characters: dorsal-fin elements XVI – XVIII, 30–35; anal-fin elements III, 8–9; lateral-line scales 59–66; pectoral-fin rays 13–14 with ventral 5–6 rays thickened and unbranched.
The genus Morwong differs from Goniistius in having a shallower dorsal head profile, and a shorter 4th dorsal-fin spine, and from Chirodactylus in having a higher lateral-line scale count (59–66 in Morwong versus 46–56 in Chirodactylus) and higher dorsal-fin soft ray count (30–35 in Morwong versus 22–31 in Chirodactylus). Morwong species are generally brown to brownish-red in colour.
Author: Bray, D.J. 2019

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Ludt, W.B., Burridge, C.P. & Chakrabarty, P. 2019. A taxonomic revision of Cheilodactylidae and Latridae (Centrarchiformes: Cirrhitoidei) using morphological and genomic characters. Zootaxa 4585 (1): 121–141,