Genus Achoerodus


An endemic genus with two species, both confined to southern Australian waters.

  • Achoerodus Gill, 1863, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad. 15(5): 222.
    Type species:  Labrus gouldii Richardson, 1843 by original designation.

Body deep (32-41 % SL); hump developing on  forehead in large individuals; mouth moderately small, reaching distinctly short of eye; lips very fleshy, hood‑like; each jaw with 2 pairs of flattened canines at front, lateral teeth mostly embedded and fused with jaw, no enlarged canine at rear of upper jaw; scales moderately large, covering rear portion of head including cheeks, extending onto bases of dorsal and anal fins;  lateral line smoothly curved; caudal fin squared off but rounded at corners; pelvic fins short, tip reaching distinctly short of anus.

Key to species of Achoerodus.

1          Lateral-line scales 33–37;  scales above lateral line 7–7 ½ ..................................Achoerodus gouldii

            Lateral-line scales 41–45;  scales above lateral line 9–10 ½ ……..........................Achoerodus viridis

Author: Barry C. Russell & Martin F. Gomon

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