Genus Belonepterygion

A genus of acanthoclinid fishes with the following combination of characters: 3 unbranched lateral lines running full length of body; 5 infraorbital bones; palatines and basihyal toothless; 3 epurals; moderate hypural 5; pelvic fin outer soft ray branched, inner soft ray unbranched; gill rakers elongate, slender; dorsal fin spines XVII-XX, anal fin spines X-XII (Hardy 1995).
Author: Bray, D.J. 2018

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Hardy, G.S. 1985. Revision of the Acanthoclinidae (Pisces: Perciformes), with descriptions of a new genus and five new species. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 11(4): 357-393 figs 1-14 PDF available, open access