Genus Afurcagobius

A small genus with two species endemic to southern Australia. Features include: head broader than deep, cheeks bulbous, eyes close set on top of head; mouth large, reaching to below middle of eye in females and immature males, to well behind the eye in large males; gill openings small, restricted to the pectoral-fin base; tongue tip rounded; head naked, body scales ctenoid, extending forward to a line from above the end of the gill cover to the first dorsal-fin origin, rarely with 1-2 scales on the midline before the origin of the first dorsal fin; scales absent from pectoral-fin base and before the pelvic fins.
Author: Douglass F. Hoese & Helen K. Larson

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Douglass F. Hoese & Helen K. Larson, Afurcagobius in Fishes of Australia, accessed 26 May 2024,


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