Genus Enneapterygius

A large genus of triplefins with at least 60 species characterized by having: a discontinuous lateral line with an anterior series of 6–22 tubular pored scales and a posterior series of 13–27 notched scales; the first dorsal fin with 3 spines; the anal fin with 1 spine; the pelvic fin with 1 spine and 2 soft rays; scaleless head, operculum, pectoral-fin base, and abdomen; and hypural 5 small or absent (Fricke & Erdmann 2017).
Fricke & Erdmann (2017) provide a key to the species of Enneapterygius found in the Indo-Australian Archipelago and Western Pacific Ocean.
Author: Bray, D.J. 2017

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Fricke, R. & Erdmann, M.V. 2017. Enneapterygius niue, a new species of triplefin from Niue and Samoa, southwestern Pacific Ocean (Teleostei: Tripterygiidae). Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 25: 14–32. doi: PDF open access