Genus Epinephelides

Genus with a single species confined to southwestern Australia with the following characters: Body of moderate length and depth; dorsal profile of head nearly straight; top of eyes not extending above dorsal profile of head, interorbital space narrow; mouth reaching to just beyond hind margin of eyes; band of villiform teeth in each jaw, both jaws with 2 moderately large, single or paired canines anteriorlyat front, lower jaw with additional another patch of several canines laterally; fine teeth on vomer and palatines; opercle with 3 flat spines; preopercles finely serrate along hind edge, with flat spine at angle and 2 forward directed spines below; scales ctenoid, covering on head, but not snout, preorbitals and maxillae, smaller on head than body, each body scale with several smaller scales covering at base; dorsal fin with low central notch; caudal fin slightly emarginate to rounded; pectoral fins large, rounded, reaching to anal-fin origin of anal fin; ventral fins small, tips pointed.
Author: Clive D. Roberts & Martin F. Gomon

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