Sevenbar Weedfish, Heteroclinus equiradiatus (Milward 1960)

Other Names: Ogilby's Weedfish, Weed Fish

Preserved holotype of the Sevenbar Weedfish, Heteroclinus equiradiatus, WAM P.4472-001, from off a coastal-limestone platform at the western end of Wilson Bay, Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Source: Western Australian Museum. License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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Sevenbar Weedfish, Heteroclinus equiradiatus (Milward 1960)

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Known only from Rottnest Island, Western Australia.


Dorsal fin III + XXVII-XXIX, 3; Anal fin II, 20-21; Pectoral fin 12: Pelvic fin I, 3; Caudal fin 9 + 2.
Body fairly elongate. Snout  rounded. Nasal cirrus multifid, with 8 or 9  filaments. Supra-orbital tentacle with a long,  tapering outer filament and one or two short  inner ones, all broadly joined at base. 
First  three dorsal spines about equal in length, very slightly longer than those following from which they are separated by a gap approximately equal to 3rd spine when depressed; 1st spine just  before vertical from margin of pre-operculum; 3rd spine joined by membrane to basal portion of 4th, which is placed over hind border of operculum. First and 2nd dorsal-fin rays more widely spaced than 2nd and 3rd; 3rd ray entirely connected to whole of caudal peduncle by membrane. Anal fin commences beneath 12th dorsal-fin spine. First anal-fin spine about two-thirds length of 2nd; rays increasing very slightly in length to penultimate, the last shorter and connected only basally to peduncle by membrane. Pectoral fin rounded. Pelvic fin with a concealed spine and three similar finger-like rays;  middle ray a fraction longer than other two, reaching approximately half-way to vent. Caudal fin truncate. 
Lateral line distinct anteriorly as a series of closely-set tubed scales extending over about two-thirds of the pectoral fin, the series then descending to mid-line and continuing to tail, becoming more widely spaced and less obvious. 


In preservative: yellowish-orange with seven darker, orange-brown, irregular bars on body; dark brown spots on body, mainly  bordering bars.

Species Citation

Petraites equiradiatus Milward 1960, Western Australian Naturalist 7(5): 134. Type locality: off coastal-limestone platform at the western end of Wilson Bay, Rottnest Island, Western Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2019


Australian Faunal Directory

Sevenbar Weedfish, Heteroclinus equiradiatus (Milward 1960)


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CAAB Code:37416020

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:0-5 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:8 cm TL


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