Blue Unicornfish, Naso caeruleacauda Randall 1994

Other Names: Blue Unicorn, Bluetail Unicornfish

Blue Unicornfish, Naso caeruleacauda, in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia. Source: Jim Greenfield / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

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Blue Unicornfish, Naso caeruleacauda Randall 1994

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Forms aggregations feeding on zooplankton over deep seaward slopes, usually below 15 m.


Dianne J. Bray

Blue Unicornfish, Naso caeruleacauda Randall 1994


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37437045

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:15-45 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:40 cm SL

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