Mud-reef Goby, Exyrias belissimus (Smith 1959)

Other Names: Beautiful Goby, Mud Reef Goby

A Mud-reef Goby, Exyrias belissimus, at Cape Leveque, Western Australia. Source: Graham Edgar / Reef Life Survey. License: CC by Attribution

A brownish goby becoming yellowish below, with 7-8 irregular dark brown bars along sides, small silvery white spots on cheeks and gill cover, and reddish bands, streaks and spots on dorsal and anal fins. The first dorsal-fin has filamentous spines.

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Mud-reef Goby, Exyrias belissimus (Smith 1959)

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Coral Bay region, WA (23°30'S) to Escape Reef, QLD (14°49'S). The species occurs elsewhere in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific. Inhabits silty bottoms near or under overhanging corals in shallow lagoons and seaward reefs, inlets and estuaries.


Dorsal fin VII + 10-12; Anal fin I, 9-10; Vertebrae 26; Predorsal scales 8-9. 

Body depth about 3.6-3.9 in SL. First dorsal-fin spines usually elongated into filaments with the 3rd and 4th typically longest; spine of second dorsal fin with red and white alternating bands, spots on rays and membrane. Cycloid scales only on nape and isthmus. Cheeks and opercula fully scaled. Teeth small and tightly packed in jaws. 


Dorsal half of body brown, ventral half yellow, with 7-8 dark brown bars; small silvery white spots on cheeks and opercula.

Species Citation

Acentrogobius belissimus Smith 1959, Ichthyol. Bull. Rhodes Univ. Grahamstown 13: 202, pl. 11A. Type locality:  Pinda, Mozambique. 


Dianne J. Bray



Mud-reef Goby, Exyrias belissimus (Smith 1959)


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CAAB Code:37428139

Depth:1-30 m

Habitat:Reef associated, silty areas

Max Size:15 cm SL

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