Puntang Goby, Exyrias puntang (Bleeker 1851)

Other Names: Puntang, Silver-spotted Goby

A Puntang Goby, Exyrias puntang, in Bali, Indonesia. Source: zsispeo / Flickr. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

A brownish goby, darker above, with dusky basal spots on the pectoral fins, and blackish pelvic fins. 

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Puntang Goby, Exyrias puntang (Bleeker 1851)

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Muralug Island (Prince of Wales Island 10°37'S) to near Townsville (19°05'S), QLD; tropical, Indo-west Pacific.
Inhabits muddy areas in shallow, turbid marine to brackish inlets, estuaries and large tide pools.


Dorsal fin VII, 10-11; Anal fin I, 9-10; Pectoral fin 16-18; Vertebrae 26; Longitudinal scale series 30-33; Predorsal scales 10 or more. 

Body depth 3.6-4.0 in SL; cheeks and opercula fully scaled; first dorsal-fin spines elongated into filaments; caudal fin rounded; scales ctenoid, except for cycloid on nape and isthmus.

Species Citation

Gobius puntang Bleeker 1851, Natuurwetensch. Tijdschr. Nederl. Indië 2: 486. Type locality: Riouw, Indonesia.


Dianne J. Bray


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Puntang Goby, Exyrias puntang (Bleeker 1851)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428140

Depth:0-5 m

Habitat:Muddy areas

Max Size:16 cm TL

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